How To Repair Pitch Marks

How To Repair Pitch Marks

If pitch marks on golf greens are correctly repaired then the surface can re- establish itself in the Spring/Summer months in a day or two. If they are not correctly repaired then long term damage results and the smooth grass surface is ruined much to the annoyance of golfers. The common and incorrect way that many people adopt to repair a pitch mark is to place the pitch mark repair tool on the rim of the pitch mark and lift the centre to the surface. This breaks the grass roots and is perhaps the worst approach to repairing it. The correct way is to start from the opposite side that the ball travelled from and place the pitch mark repair tool on the edge of the pitch mark rim and push the rim towards to centre of the pitch mark. Do this all round the rim and you will see the centre of the pitch mark has risen up. Press this down with a flat object to blend into the putting surface usually using the base of your putter. Job done then move onto the next pitch mark you see and repeat. If everyone did this your greens would look and play so much better.

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