Blank Metal Golf Ball Markers


Blank Metal Golf Ball Markers

Blank Flat 27mm Diameter Metal Base (Nickel Plated) Golf Ball Marker with a 25mm recess

The advantage of this blank product is that you can customise it to suit your needs and put your own brand or message on it. Other suppliers that offer a similar product typically already have their brand stamped on it and so makes it more awkward if you wish to hide where you sourced the product from and gives mixed messages if your brand is associated with the suppliers. In addition any marketing you provide effectively promotes the suppliers brand as well which may not be desirable. The metal blank ball markers have a bright shiny surface and are nickel plated.


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Blank Flat Metal Golf Ball Marker Base
Blank FLAT Golf Ball Marker Metal Base with a recess of 25mm If you want to put your own ins..