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Golf Tee Store supplies golf tees and accessories. This web site showcases a small part of the many products and options that are available. Established in 2004 we strive to always provide exceptional customer service and if you need help please just email. To select products use the category bar above or the images below link to our most popular golf tees with golf accessories to the sides. We ship worldwide.

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Golf Tee Store customer comments

I have used golf labels for many years. A great product and a sensible investment.

Golf Tee Store offers the best level of service and ease of transactions.

Very good golf tees and a good prompt service will use Golf Tee Store again

Items received were exactly as ordered and would not hesitate to use Golf Tee Store again.

Very good product and a good prompt service will use Golf Tee Store again.

Your service has been excellent and we won’t hesitate to order future personalised items from your company.

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Welcome to Golf Tee Store
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Added benefits of purchasing from Golf Tee Store.co.uk

Most of the products that are sold on this web site have been tried and tested on the golf course by golfers to ensure that the products work as they should do and therefore this minimises the risk that our customers might be unhappy with anything they purchase. Many hours have been spend in trying to select the best value for money golfing products and in some cases we have decided to design and have golf products manufactured for us. Examples of our own designed products include the flat metal golf ball marker base.This has a recessed area to take 25mm diameter inserts and this is useful for golfers and others that want to customise this product themselves. We also supply printed resin domed labels as an option should you wish to customise the golf ball marker with your logo or text.

A second example are the Golf Labels which contain the text of your choice which we thermally print onto polyester labels which wrap around the shaft just below the grip on the golf club. The labels are unique to us and many months were spent testing these to ensure they work and thats why a large proprtion of our customer return for their new sets of Golf Labels. Many golfers leave a club on the course during a round of golf or sometimes on the golf driving range or bag store. To increase your chances of getting the golf club returned to you our golf labels have your contact details printed on them.These labels are designed by us and the materials chosen for manufacture are those most suited to wrapping round various golf club shafts to provide weather resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance and because we thermally print the text this helps reduce any fading of the text by sunlight.

Another example of our own products include Golfing Labels which are meant to be applied to flat surfaces such as golf bags, golf trolleys, trolley batteries, golf range finders, golf umbrellas and can also be used on other products including laptops and mobile phones. Golfing Labels are not suitable for identifying golf clubs as they are not designed to wrap round shafts. Like the Golf Labels, Golfing Labels identify your equipment and help prevent against loss.

A distinct benefit of purchasing golf accessories from Golf Tee Store.co.uk is that where possible we offer both plain and customised options for the products we sell. For example plain golf tees and printed golf tees. This is important as many suppliers do not offer this and many buyers actually wish to have a mix of printed or personalised golf products along with plain items. So if you are running an event for example then it is quite possible you need a supplier that can provide both plain and customised gof accessories in varying quantities to make up a range of gift packs perhaps. Golf Tee Store can do this.

Since we work with suppliers around the globe there are thousands of other products that we do not promote online but which are readily available should you need them. If you don't find what you are looking for please get in touch and we are likely to be able to source and supply it.

Products can be purchased online and any text or images that you may wish to include on the products can be uploaded too so just one visit to this web site is all you need to place the order. Of course you can email these items if you wish.

Golf Tee Store.co.uk is a small business that reacts quickly to customer needs and provides a high level of customer service including responding to orders and enquiries usually within a few hours. If you cannot find the golf products you want then ask us to locate suitable items for you and provide a quotation.