Golf Tees

Golf Tees

We supply plain and printed golf tees both wooden golf tees, bamboo golf tees and plastic golf tees including castle golf tees. Our wooden printed golf tees caters for all options of printing your logo or text onto the stem of the tee or the cup. The bamboo printed tee offers cost effective and quality bamboo golf tees that are biodegradeable and caters for a larger print area. The hardwood golf tees are premium white birch tees which have a quality look and offer a wide range of colour options.

Plastic Golf Tees

There are two types of plastic golf tees. Straight and castle also known as stepped or graduated golf tees.

We also supply Champ Zarma Fly Golf Tees

Straight Plastic Golf Tees

Straight plastic golf tees come in three standard lengths of 32mm (red), 53mm(pink) and 69mm(orange).

Plastic or Bamboo Castle Golf Tees

Castle golf tees or graduated golf tees have a collar above the spike to help give the same ball height on the tee and these come in a variety of sizes from 25mm to 69mm.

The current range of castle golf tees are: Lime 1" (25mm), Red 1 1/4" (32mm), Blue 1 1/2" (38mm, Yellow 1 3/4" (44mm), White 2" (51mm), Pink 2 1/8" (53mm) and Orange 2 3/4" (69mm).

All plastic golf tees are designed and manufactured within the UK and they are made from high quality plastic which will be durable and robust.

The bamboo castle golf tees come in packs.

Please note dimensions are a rough guide only.


It is possible if plain items are in stock that we can ship plain items within a few days however please note that average delivery times are as follows:

Quality Wooden / Bamboo Golf Tees - 2 to 4 weeks

Printed Bamboo or Printed Hardwood Golf Tees  3 to 5weeks

Plastic Golf Tees - 1 to 2 weeks.

Bamboo Castle Tee Packs - 1 to 2 weeks




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