Golf Labels

Golf Labels Help Protect Against Loss of your Golf Clubs

Golf labels help to protect and identify your golf clubs. Golf Labels are designed to wrap around the shaft of golf clubs from putter to driver. The silver golf labels provide the best text to background colour contrast and we print the text of your choice in black. Golf Labels are also known as golf id labels, shaft labels or personalised golf club shaft labels. We thermally transfer the printed text onto the label which provides a weatherproof, chemical and sunlight resistant print so providing a much more robust and longer lasting print than using an inkjet or laser printer. If you wish to identify other items then Golfing Labels are designed to stick to flat, clean surfaces to identify your golf trolley, trolley battery, golf range finder etc. but could also be used to stick onto your laptop, mobile phone, tablet etc. This silver coloured golfing label is 50mm x 25mm and does not have an integral clear overlay. If you require customised labels please contact us for a quotation.


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golf labels - golf shaft labels silver
If you wish to identify your golf accessories including trollies, range finders, batteries etc...
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golfing labels-identify your golfing equipment
Golfing Labels Please note Golfing Labels are not designed to identify your golf irons,..