Retractable Reel + Embroidered Logo On Towel (Code TC003)

Towel Caddie
Towel Caddie
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Product Code: Retractable Reel + Embroidered Logo On Towel (Code TC003)
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Product TC003-Towel + Retractable reel with your logo embroidered onto the towel.

The Towel Caddie retractable reels come with a built in carabiner clip to enable you to have your towel caddie clipped to your belt loop, or umbrella or golf bag or anywhere else that might be useful.The 100% cotton towel is approximately 26cm x 24cm. The towel caddie is available in a number of combinations so please select the correct product option you require. The retractable reel is black as standard. Other reel colour choices may be available if requested. The towel also comes with a small carabiner clip as an alternative option to clip your towel without the reel. The carabiner clip is not for climbing.

Please note we require a high resolution logo image and ideally a vector file (.ai or eps) otherwise the image quality may suffer.

The product combinations are:

Code TC001 - Retractable reel + Towel.

Code TC002 - As TC001 + Embroidered Text onto the towel in 1 position on one side.

Code TC003 - As TC001 + Embrodiered logo onto the towel in 1 position on one side.

Code TC004 - Plain spare towels.


These handy towels on a retractable reel can also be used in many other activities including darts, fishing and jogging. Lead times are typically 1 to 2 working weeks but for larger orders or at busy times of the year please allow 3 weeks.

Towel Caddie saves you time and hassle by having a clip on mini towel on your person to clean your ball on the green, clean your putter head and clean your irons too especially useful when in a bunker. All of these are great time savers and much more convenient than going back to your golf bag which is often not close by.

Benefits of Towel Caddie

*Clean the golf ball on the green no need to go back to your golf bag.

*Clean your golf club in the bunker especially if more than one attempt is needed to get the ball out and no need to go back to your bag.

*Clean putter face on the green.

*Can be clipped to your belt loop or your bag as well as your umbrella or why not have one on your bag and on your person.

*Reel has approx. a 70cm pull length.

*Time saved using Towel Caddie helps a faster round of golf.

*Optional embroidery of the towel.

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