Multi Function Phone Case - Phone Trap

Phone Trap Signal Blocking Case
Phone Trap Signal Blocking Case
Phone Trap Signal Blocker for keys passports credit cards Phone Trap Signal Blocker for keys passports credit cards
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Phonetrap 5 in 1 Faraday Pouch, Signal Blocking, Anti-tracking, Anti-distraction Mobile Phone Case- Multi Wearable - Can clip onto belt or golf bag

Phone Trap 5 in 1 Multi Wearable Case is built with a special inner lining, when you place your mobile device, car keys, passport or credit card in the special lining it blocks all signals. Handy to clip to your golf bag and important not to disturb others whilst on the course without the need to switch your phone off.

In many countries it is now illegal to use you mobile device whilst driving, stop distractions and notifications whilst driving.
  • Ideal for Drivers, Schools, Travel, Contractors, Groundcrew, NHS, Airports, Holidays, Travel, Security, 
  • Multi Wearable  
  • Keyless Car Fob Protection
  • Passport Protection
  • Mobile Data Protection
  • Stops distractions from notifications, calls - use only when safe to do so.
  • No need for flight mode or switching on and off
  • Saves power.

·  Phonetrap is designed with security in mind - keyless car fobs, passports, mobile data with 2 handy compartments to protect your data and also as a travel essential. Multi wearable so clips to bags, belt for added safety.

·  Phone pouch with inbuilt signal-isolating Faraday cage lining: prevents signals being sent or received by your mobile phone. Blocks connectivity to all mobile phone networks (2G, 3G & 4G), Bluetooth, WiFi, SatNav/GPS, RFID and NFC. No need to turn your phone on and off, no more flight mode simply place in pouch and remove when required.

·  Promotes safer driving: eliminates temptations and distractions caused by social media notifications, messages and incoming calls. Also helps limit screen time at work, in school and in the home.

·  Strengthens your cybersecurity stance: helps protect against ID theft, microphone & camera spying in sensitive areas, infiltration via malicious scanners and data loss over unsecured networks. This Faraday pouch can also shield keyless car fobs from relay attacks and protect passports & contactless cards.

·  The case contains two internal sleeves, one of which isolates your smartphone from all outgoing and incoming signals – and a further non-metallic pocket that shields against RFID and NFC. Includes a belt loop buckle and belt strap.

·  Dimensions: 20 x 11.5cm. PU leather build. Generous size fits most phones, including iPhone X, iPhone 8/8Plus, iPhone 7/7Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, HTC U11/U11+ and Sony Xperia series.

Introducing the Phonetrap Phone case

These safety-focused phone pouches feature an outer PU leather casing containing a metal-lined soft sleeve. This creates a Faraday shield, stopping signals being sent or received by your mobile phone. Remove your phone from the sleeve and signal reception is restored within seconds, enabling normal usage.

Distraction-free driving and working

Behind the wheel, a message alert or incoming call could be all that’s needed to distract you, your family members or employees, resulting in an accident and/or criminal penalty. Simply slip your mobile into your Phonetrap case for distraction-free journeys.

By creating a signal-free zone, this Faraday pouch makes it easier to enforce mobile curfews in the family home (or on cinema trips). It has also proved useful in schools and colleges; stopping distractions getting through during lesson time – a handy alternative to an outright mobile ban! 

Key fob protection

In a relay attack, thieves can pick up & relay signals from a car key fob to “trick” the car into thinking a fob is present. The Phonetrap case doubles as an isolating pouch for your key fob to block such attacks, preventing break-ins and keyless ignition theft.

Ideal for business

This security pouch features a loop/lanyard buckle and belt strap for multiple options as a wearable phone holder, while the tough PU leather exterior provides all-weather protection – making this smartphone case ideal for use by on-site workers, ground crews and in construction/manufacturing/healthcare. 

These cases can provide an extra layer of security to aid with GDPR compliance, insider threat prevention and device protection. Mandatory use of this Faraday case can also support ‘reasonable usage’ mobile policies, reduce the risk of personal & business data theft – e.g. in meetings and in sensitive areas.


Schools, Airlines, Meetings, Construction, Travel, Holidays, Flights, Site Workers, Ground Crews, New Drivers, Hikers, Backpackers, Travel, Festivals.











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