Golf Pound Shop

The Golf Pound Shop is an innovative idea in the golf market place.

It enables low cost low volume items to be purchased at the lowest price which is ideal for individual golfers to use themselves or as a Birthday or Christmas present.

The items are supplied loose so you can wrap them (or not) as you wish.

Everything in the Golf Pound Shop is just one pound sterling excluding packing and postage.


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White Wooden Golf Tees 70mm x 20
Loose 70mm White Wooden (Bamboo) Golf Tees x 20 20 Quality Wooden (Bamboo) Golf Tees su..
Golf Tees Wood 70mm Blue x 20
Loose Blue 70mm Wooden (Bamboo) Golf Tees x 20 Quality Wooden (Bamboo) Golf Tees at rea..
Hand Held Tally Counters
STOCK CLEARANCE HAND HELD COUNTERS Hand Held Tally Counters only black remaining in stock. Onc..
Plastic Keyrings x 6
Blank Plastic Keyrings x 6 Clear plastic blank insert keyrings have a recess of 25mm x 35mm in wh..