Golf Ball Stamps (Lead time is 3 to 4 weeks)

Golf Ball Stamp Red Lion
Golf Ball Stamps (Lead time is 3 to 4 weeks)
Golf Ball Stamps Golf Ball Stamps Golf Ball Stamps Golf Ball Stamps Golf Ball Stamps Golf Ball Stamps Golf Ball Stamps Golf Ball Stamps Golf Ball Stamps Golf Ball Stamps
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Golf Ball Stamps are golf ball markers that are a quick and easy way to identify your golf ball by choosing one of our many standard designs and should provide about 150 impressions per stamp so will last a long time if the cap is kept on after use. The stampers come in a small tube with a lift off cap and so are handy to put into your pocket or golf bag whilst on the golf course.

These golf ball stamps can be purchase for your own use and they also make a nice present or gift for golfers that you know.

Please note lead time is typically 3 to 4 weeks for a standard design golf ball stamp.

The golf ball stamps can be purchased individually or if you wish to customise them the three options for personalisation are shown below.

1/ Branded Cap Top

Golf ball stamps are the ideal way for golfers or companies, charities or golf societies to take your brand or event with them…the useful alternative to logo golf balls!

Quick drying, indelible and something out of the ordinary, golfers just love these.

The idea of stampyourballs is so no player, plays the wrong ball! Each stamper is designed so you can personalise the lid for your golf day or event as a giveaway. We personalise and therefore brand this item by taking your single design and creating a printed resin dome that goes onto the cap top.

Simply upload your logo and we will add to the top of the cap to create a unique golf day gift or giveaway. Leads time is 2 to 3 weeks.

We can even add words around the edge of the stamper lid for example Captains Day, Golf Tour, Charity Day ...etc.

The minimum order requirement is just 25. Unless otherwise agreed we will send you 1 of each of the 25 impression designs shown on this web site to ensure that there are no duplicate designs for your golfers to use. If you wish to have specific numbers of particular designs please get in touch.

2/ Customised Printed Image without Personalised Cap

We provide the option to design a simple design that you provide to give the intended image impression on the golf ball. This must be in one of our single ink colours. Minimum is 100 stamps per order and lead time is 4 to 6 weeks

3/ Customised Printed Image Plus Personalised Cap

A further option enables you to design your customised printed image and in addition to personalise the cap with a printed resin dome.

This has a minimum quantity of 100 stamps per order and lead time is 4 to 6 weeks.



1/ If you require individual stamps without personalisation (please note the caps contain a label with the Golf Tee Store web address), look at the design images that will appear when you select the product below, select your design choice from the scroll down menu and add to cart. All designs are the same price.

2/ If you require a personalised resin dome printed cap then make sure you select "Printed Dome Cap" in the design scroll menu and select "Printed Domed Cap on 25 different stamps" from the options scroll menu. You do not need to choose any stamp image designs as you will receive 25 different designs (this is to avoid golfers having the same stamp on more than one ball). Then Upload your cap design (300 dpi min.) then Add to Cart.

3/For Custom Printed Image(100 stamps) please select "Custom Printed Image" in the scroll design menu and then select "Custom Image Stamp x100". Then Upload your stamp image design (300 dpi min.)

4/ For Custom printed Image plus Printed Dome Cap then as 3 above but with this option selected. Then Upload your cap design (300 dpi min.) and printed image design (300 dpi min.) then Add to Cart.

Any problems please get in touch.

Ball stamp frequently asked questions

Q: How many stamps can you get?

A: You will get at least 150 impressions/stamps from each stampers.

Q: Are the stampers refillable?

A: No when they’ve run out they are not refillable.

Q: What colours are the ball stamper available in?

A: Our stampers are currently available in three vibrant colours: Black, Red, Blue & Green. 

Q: Can I remove the stamp?

A: Oops! Stamps can be removed with a scouring pad, some Isopropyl Alcohol (available at chemists/drug stores) and a bit of scrubbing. (Please be patient our ink is tough!)



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