Golf Ball Stamps

golfteestorearrowleft   Our range of Golf Ball Markers are shown in the category list.

If you wish to stamp your golf ball with one of our many designs please see below.

Golf Ball Stamps To Mark Your Golf Ball - Please Note lead time is typically 3 to 4 weeks

Our golf ball stamps will provide about 150 impressions per stamp unit and they are very easy to apply.

They can be purchased individually or there are three customised options to add your brand or design.

Printed Resin Dome Cap (Min. of 25 Stamps) - Lead Time 5 to 6 Weeks

We can add a customised design under a resin dome on the cap of the stamp to personalise the product and minimum quantity is just 25 stampers.

Design Your Own Stamp Impression (Min. of 100 Stamps)- Lead Time Typically 6 to 8 weeks

You can also have the stamp impression customised with a simple design in one of red, blue or green inks. Minimum quantity is 100 stamps.

Design Your Own Stamp Impression + Printed Resin Dome Cap (Min. of 100 Stamps)

You may also choose to have your stamp impression design and have a customised printed dome on the cap. The two designs do not have to be the same.

Application of the ball stamp

Best results come from firmly applying the stamp face to the ball ensuring you do not move the interface which will result in a crisp image.


1/ If you require individual stamps without personalisation, look at the design images that will appear when you select the product below, select your design choice from the scroll down menu and add to cart. All designs are the same price. Lead time is typically 2 weeks.

2/ If you require a personalised resin dome printed cap then make sure you select "Printed Dome Cap" in the design scroll menu and select "Printed Domed Cap on 25 different stamps" from the options scroll menu. You do not need to choose any stamp image designs as you will receive 25 different designs (this is to avoid golfers having the same stamp on more than one ball). Then Upload your cap design (300 dpi min.) then Add to Cart.

3/For Custom Printed Image(100 stamps) please select "Custom Printed Image" in the scroll design menu and then select "Custom Image Stamp x100". Then Upload your stamp image design (300 dpi min.)

4/ For Custom printed Image plus Printed Dome Cap then as 3 above but with this option selected. Then Upload your cap design (300 dpi min.) and printed image design (300 dpi min.) then Add to Cart.

Any problems please get in touch.



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