Poker Chip Golf Ball Alignment Marker (Golf Tee Store)

Golf Ball Alignment Marker 32mm Resin Dome (Golf Tee Store)
Golf Ball Alignment Marker 32mm Resin Dome (Golf Tee Store)
Product Code: Poker Chip Golf Ball Alignment Marker (Golf Tee Store)
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Golf Ball  Alignment Marker with Golf Ball Alignment Line in a 32mm Resin Dome

Using a golf alignment ball marker that is flat on the green is easier to line up than a mark on a round golf ball. Simply mark your ball with the line on the alignment ball marker pointing to your desired target point, lift and clean your ball then replace with the line on your golf ball matching that on the golf alignment marker. Remove the alignment marker and take your putt.

Our 40mm diameter golf ball alignment poker chip golf ball markers come in a black/white design. This contrast make it easier to make the line visible and because it is 32mm long aids better alignment.

On the reverse side is a printed vinyl sticker with our web address. We print onto a high quality vinyl which is then stuck onto the plastic golf ball marker giving a quality finish. The vinyl material  is waterproof but is not designed for prolonged use fully immersed in water.

Golf Tee Store provide really low priced but high value quality customised resin dome golf ball markers in both low and high volumes to suit your needs. If you are a company involved in selling or customising golf ball markers in bulk and would like to purchase the blank golf ball marker, that is the metal base with spike, the flat metal ball marker or blank poker chips then we do sell these. Also provided are suitable blank resin domes in bulk. Please get in touch for a quotation.





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