Golf Labels Substitute - Print Your Own Text

Golf Labels Substitute  - Print Your Own Text
Golf Labels Substitute - Print Your Own Text
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Golf Labels Substitute - Print Your Own Text Onto Blank Golf Shaft Labels

If you play golf or know someone that does then it is very easy to mislay a club and usually difficult to get it returned if there is no label on it.

If you have .........

  • Left a club on the course
  • Had your clubs mixed in with others in the bag store
  • Mislaid your clubs whilst travelling
  • Left a club at the practice ground

........ then you know how frustrating it can be in trying to track it down.

Whatever the circumstances if you lose a golf club it is quite likely that you cannot easily buy an exact replacement, you may have had them custom fitted so this process may need to be repeated and there is always the thought that the club you have lost is always just a bit better than your replacement.

Often manufacturers bring out new models and a new replacement may not always be available.

Without your Golf Labels contact information on your clubs you may never get them back, so for your piece of mind and for the little it costs for a set of Golf Labels why not invest in helping to protect your clubs against loss. If you require to have the freedom and convenience to print your own information onto labels that will not be such a high quality or last as long as our golf labels then you could consider our Golf Labels Substitute labels which are plain and suitable for your inkjet or laser printer. Please read below to find out more.

You can print your own text onto the label. The labels are blank and they differ from our Golf Labels in that they will not be so long lasting and will not have the clear portion to wrap round for extra protection plus they are 50mm x 25mm. We offer labels on an A4 sheet (minimum 1000) suitable for inkjet or laser printers but please note the labels for each type of printer are different materials and colours. A delivery charge based on weight will also apply.

Golf Labels for Inkjet Printers are 50mm x 25mm and are white plain polyethylene labels with 30 on an A4 sheet.

Golf Labels for Laser Printers are 50mm x 25mm and are silver plain polyester labels with 30 on an A4 sheet.


Once you have printed your text simply peel the label from the backing material and carefully wrap round the shaft of the golf club just below the grip.

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